Highest Peaks In The World

The world’s highest peaks offer some of the most extreme and awe-inspiring experiences for those willing to take the challenge. From steep climbs to treacherous trails, these highest points on earth have been quested by adventurers from around the globe.

Data of these peaks were previously found on Peakware, below is the up-to-date data. Explore some of the world’s highest, most popular mountain peaks for climbing, hiking, trekking, and photography.

Highest Peaks

The 8000 Meter Peaks

There is no doubt that mountaineering is an activity that comes with many risks. This is especially true when attempting to climb some of the world’s tallest peaks, which are known as the 8000 meter peaks. These mountains are located in some of the most inhospitable regions on earth. They often require climbers to endure extreme weather conditions and treacherous climbs to reach the summit.

Mount EverestNepal29,032 ft.8,849 m.
K2Pakistan/China28,251 ft.8,611 m.
KangchenjungaNepal/India28,169 ft.8,586 m.
LhotseNepal27,940 ft.8,516 m.
MakaluNepal27,766 ft.8,485 m.
Cho OyuNepal26,846 ft.8,188 m.
DhaulagiriNepal26,795 ft.8,167 m.
ManasluNepal26,781 ft.8,163 m.
Nanga ParbatPakistan26,660 ft.8,126 m.
AnnapurnaNepal26,545 ft.8,091 m.
Gasherbrum IPakistan/China26,509 ft.8,080 m.
Broad PeakPakistan/China26,414 ft.8,047 m.
Gasherbrum IIPakistan/China26,362 ft.8,035 m.
ShishapangmaNepal/Tibet26,335 ft.8,027 m.

The Seven Summits

The Seven Summits are the highest mountains on each of the seven continents. These peaks have been a challenge for mountaineers since they were first reached in 1985. The achievement is so difficult, and it’s considered one of the most prestigious accomplishments in mountaineering.

Mount EverestAsia29,032 ft.8,849 m.
AconcaguaSouth America22,837 ft.6,961 m.
Mount McKinleyNorth America20,310 ft.6,191 m.
Mount KilimanjaroAfrica19,341 ft.5,895 m.
Mount ElbrusEurope18,510 ft.5,642 m.
Puncak JayaAustralia/Oceania16,024 ft.4,884 m.
Vinson MassifAntarctica16,050 ft.4,892 m.

Fifty State High Points

The fifty state high points of the United States of America is a list of the highest peaks in each U.S. state that can be reached by car, truck, or mountain trail.

StateHigh PointFeet
AlabamaCheaha Mountain2,413 ft.
AlaskaMount McKinley20,310 ft.
ArizonaHumphreys Peak12,637 ft.
ArkansasMagazine Mountain2,753 ft.
CaliforniaMount Whitney14,505 ft.
ColoradoMount Elbert14,439 ft.
ConnecticutMount Frissell2,454 ft.
DelawareTower Hill448 ft.
FloridaBritton Hill345 ft.
GeorgiaBrasstown Bald4,784 ft.
HawaiiMauna Kea13,803 ft.
IdahoBorah Peak12,662 ft.
IllinoisCharles Mound1,235 ft.
IndianaHoosier Hill1,257 ft.
IowaHawkeye Point1,670 ft.
KansasMount Sunflower4,039 ft.
KentuckyBlack Mountain4,145 ft.
LouisianaDriskill Mountain535 ft.
MaineMount Katahdin5,269 ft.
MarylandBackbone Mountain3,360 ft.
MassachusettsMount Greylock3,489 ft.
MichiganMount Arvon1,979 ft.
MinnesotaEagle Mountain2,301 ft.
MississippiWoodall Mountain806 ft.
MissouriTaum Sauk Mountain1,772 ft.
MontanaGranite Peak12,807 ft.
NebraskaMount Constable5,429 ft.
NevadaBoundary Peak13,147 ft.
New HampshireMount Washington6,288 ft.
New JerseyHigh Point1,803 ft.
New MexicoWheeler Peak13,167 ft.
New YorkMount Marcy5,344 ft.
North CarolinaMount Mitchell6,684 ft.
North DakotaWhite Butte3,506 ft.
OhioCampbell Hill1,549 ft.
OklahomaBlack Mesa4,974 ft.
OregonMount Hood11,249 ft.
PennsylvaniaMount Davis3,213 ft.
Rhode IslandJerimoth Hill811 ft.
South CarolinaSassafras Mountain3,554 ft.
South DakotaHarney Peak7,244 ft.
TennesseeClingmans Dome6,643 ft.
TexasGuadalupe Peak8,751 ft.
UtahKings Peak13,528 ft.
VermontMount Mansfield4,395 ft.
VirginiaMount Rogers5,730 ft.
WashingtonMount Rainier14,411 ft.
West VirginiaSpruce Knob4,863 ft.
WisconsinTimm Hill1,951 ft.
WyomingGannett Peak13,804 ft.

Colorado Fourteeners

As the Rocky Mountains grow bigger and taller, they’re also more difficult to climb. Colorado’s fourteeners are no exception. The state is home to 54 peaks over 14,000 feet in elevation — all of which require a challenging hike or scramble up steep rock faces and snowfields before reaching the summit.

Mount Elbert14,439 ft.4,401 m.
Mount Massive14,429 ft.4,398 m.
Mount Harvard14,423 ft.4,396 m.
Blanca Peak14,326 ft.4,374 m.
La Plata Peak14,360 ft.4,377 m.
Uncompahgre Peak14,321 ft.4,365 m.
Crestone Peak14,266 ft.4,348 m.
Mount Lincoln14,295 ft.4,357 m.
Grays Peak14,278 ft.4,352 m.
Mount Antero14,275 ft.4,351 m.
Torreys Peak14,267 ft.4,349 m.
Castle Peak14,279 ft.4,352 m.
Quandary Peak14,271 ft.4,350 m.
Mount Evans14,265 ft.4,348 m.
Longs Peak14,259 ft.4,346 m.
Mount Wilson14,252 ft.4,344 m.
Mount Shavano14,231 ft.4,338 m.
Mount Princeton14,196 ft.4,327 m.
Mount Belford14,203 ft.4,329 m.
Crestone Needle14,203 ft.4,329 m.
Mount Yale14,199 ft.4,328 m.
Mount Bross14,178 ft.4,322 m.
Kit Carson Peak14,171 ft.4,319 m.
El Diente Peak14,165 ft.4,318 m.
Maroon Peak14,163 ft.4,317 m.
Tabeguache Mountain14,162 ft.4,317 m.
Mount Oxford14,160 ft.4,316 m.
Mount Sneffels14,157 ft.4,315 m.
Mount Democrat14,155 ft.4,314 m.
Capitol Peak14,131 ft.4,307 m.
Pikes Peak14,115 ft.4,302 m.
Snowmass Mountain14,099 ft.4,297 m.
Mount Eolus14,090 ft.4,295 m.
Windom Peak14,088 ft.4,294 m.
Mount Columbia14,077 ft.4,291 m.
Missouri Mountain14,074 ft.4,290 m.
Humboldt Peak14,070 ft.4,289 m.
Mount Bierstadt14,065 ft.4,287 m.
Sunlight Peak14,065 ft.4,287 m.
Handies Peak14,058 ft.4,285 m.
Culebra Peak14,049 ft.4,282 m.
Mount Lindsey14,048 ft.4,282 m.
Ellingwood Peak14,042 ft.4,280 m.
Little Bear Peak14,037 ft.4,279 m.
Mount Sherman14,043 ft.4,280 m.
Redcloud Peak14,041 ft.4,280 m.
Pyramid Peak14,025 ft.4,275 m.
Wilson Peak14,023 ft.4,274 m.
Wetterhorn Peak14,021 ft.4,274 m.
North Maroon Peak14,019 ft.4,273 m.
San Luis Peak14,022 ft.4,274 m.
Mount of the Holy Cross14,009 ft.4,270 m.
Huron Peak14,012 ft.4,271 m.
Sunshine Peak14,007 ft.4,269 m.

California Fourteeners

The 14,000-foot peaks of California are a challenge for even the most experienced hikers.The Sierra Nevada mountain range is home to some of the tallest mountains in North America, and more than half of the state’s population lives within an hour’s drive from one or more of these peaks.

This means that there are many different trails to choose from if you want a chance at climbing a fourteener this summer. California also has some challenging rules about which fourteeners you can climb depending on your age and physical abilities, so it pays to do your research before heading out on your hike.

Mount Whitney14,505 ft.4,421 m.
Mount Williamson14,380 ft.4,383 m.
White Mountain14,252 ft.4,344 m.
North Palisade14,249 ft.4,343 m.
Polemonium Peak14,081 ft.4,292 m.
Starlight Peak14,200 ft.4,328 m.
Mount Shasta14,179 ft.4,322 m.
Mount Sill14,159 ft.4,316 m.
Mount Russell14,094 ft.4,296 m.
Split Mountain14,064 ft.4,287 m.
Middle Palisade14,018 ft.4,273 m.
Mount Langley14,032 ft.4,277 m.
Mount Tyndall14,025 ft.4,275 m.
Mount Muir14,018 ft.4,273 m.
Thunderbolt Peak14,009 ft.4,270 m.

Alpine 4000 Meter Peaks

Mysterious peaks are all over the world, but few are as mysterious as those found in the Alps. The Alps is a mountain range that spans eight countries and has some of the highest peaks on earth – many people climb these mountains for their beauty or enjoy hiking, skiing, climbing, or sledding.

Mont Blanc15,777 ft.4,808 m.
Dufourspitze15,203 ft.4,634 m.
Nordend15,121 ft.4,609 m.
Zumsteinspitze14,970 ft.4,563 m.
Signalkuppe14,941 ft.4,554 m.
Dom14,911 ft.4,545 m.
Liskamm (Eastern Summit)14,872 ft.4,533 m.
Weisshorn14,783 ft.4506 m.
Täschhorn14,734 ft.4491 m.
Matterhorn14,692 ft.4,478 m.
Mont Maudit14,649 ft.4,465 m.
Parrotspitze14,541 ft.4,432 m.
Dent Blanche14,298 ft.4,358 m.
Nadelhorn14,196 ft.4,327 m.
Schwarzhorn14,177 ft.4,321 m.
Grand Combin14,154 ft.4,314 m.
Ludwigshöhe14,242 ft.4,341 m.
Lenzspitze14,088 ft.4,294 m.
Finsteraarhorn14,022 ft.4,274 m.
Mont Blanc du Tacul13,937 ft.4,248 m.
Stecknadelhorn13,914 ft.4,241 m.
Castor13,855 ft.4,223 m.
Zinalrothorn13,848 ft.4,221 m.
Hohberghorn13,842 ft.4,219 m.
Vincent Piramide13,829 ft.4,215 m.
Grandes Jorasses (Pointe Croz)13,806 ft4,110 m.
Alphubel13,799 ft.4,206 m.
Rimpfischhorn13,776 ft.4,199 m.
Aletschhorn13,760 ft.4,194 m.
Strahlhorn13,746 ft.4,190 m.
Dent d'Hérens13,684 ft.4171 m.
Balmenhorn13,671 ft.4167 m.
Breithorn (Western Summit)13,661 ft.4,164 m.
Bishorn13,625 ft.4,153 m.
Jungfrau13,642 ft.4,158 m.
Aiguille Verte13,524 ft.4122 m.
Aiguille Blanche13,491 ft.4,112 m.
Grande Rocheuse13,458 ft.4,102 m.
Barre des Écrins13,458 ft.4,102 m.
Mönch13,484 ft.4,110 m.
Pollux13,425 ft.4,092 m.
Schreckhorn13,379 ft.4,078 m.
Ober Gabelhorn13,330 ft.4,063 m.
Gran Paradiso13,323 ft.4,061 m.
Mont Brouillard13,350 ft.4,069 m.
Aiguille de Bionnassay13,294 ft.4,052 m.
Piz Bernina13,284 ft.4,049 m.
Gross Fiescherhorn13,284 ft.4,049 m.
Gross Grünhorn13,268 ft.4,044 m.
Lauteraarhorn13,261 ft.4,042 m.
Aiguille du Jardin13,238 ft.4,035 m.
Dürrenhorn13,238 ft.4,035 m.
Allalinhorn13,212 ft.4,027 m.
Hinter Fiescherhorn13,205 ft.4,025 m.
Weissmies13,179 ft.4,023 m.
Dôme de Rochefort13,173 ft.4,015 m.
Dent du Géant13,166 ft.4,013 m.
Punta Baretti13,166 ft.4,013 m.
Lagginhorn13,156 ft.4,010 m.
Aiguille de Rochefort13,127 ft.4,001 m.
Les Droites13,123 ft.4,000 m.
Mont Blanc de Courmayeur15,577 ft.4,748 m.
Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey13,491 ft.4,112 m.
Liskamm (Wastern Summit)14,695 ft.4,479 m.
Picco Luigi Amedeo14,630 ft.4,469 m.
Combin de Grafeneire14,154 ft.4,314 m.
Dôme du Goûter14,121 ft.4,304 m.
Grand Pilier d’Angle13,921 ft.4,243 m.
Vincent Pyramid13,829 ft.4,215 m.
Combin de Valsorey13,727 ft.4,183 m.
Combin de la Tsessette13,566 ft.4,134 m.
Aiguilles du Diable (L’Isolée)13,497 ft.4,114 m.
Aiguilles du Diable (Pointe Carmen)13,497 ft.4,109 m.
Breithorn (Central Summit)13,645 ft.4,159 m.
Breithorn (Eastern Summit/ western Twin Peak)13, 579 ft.4,139 m.
Breithorn (Gendarm/ eastern Twin Peak)13,471 ft.4,106 m.
Aiguilles du Diable (Pointe Médiane)13,441 ft.4,097 m.
Breithorn (Roccia Nera)13,369 ft.4,075 m.
Aiguilles du Diable (Pointe Chaubert)13,366 ft.4,074 ft.
Grandes Jorasses (Pointe Marguerite)13,337 ft4,065 m.
Aiguilles du Diable (Corne du Diable)13,333 ft.4,065 m.
Grandes Jorasses (Pointe Elena)13,806 ft.4,045 m.

Climbing and Hiking Tips

Climbing and hiking the highest peaks in the world is an adventure that many people dream of doing. It can be a very rewarding experience, but it’s also important to be prepared for the challenges you will face. Here are some tips for climbing and hiking the highest peaks in the world:

  1. Make sure that you are physically fit and healthy before you attempt to climb or hike a high peak.

  2. Learn as much as you can about the mountain or mountain range that you will be climbing or hiking. This includes knowing the terrain, the weather conditions, and the elevation changes.

  3. Consider the time of year you will be climbing or hiking; the weather can vary greatly depending on the season.

  4. Make sure that you have the proper gear and equipment for climbing or hiking. This includes clothing, footwear, food, water, and shelter.

  5. Study the route you will be taking and plan how you will reach the summit.

  6. Stay safe while climbing or hiking by being aware of your surroundings. This includes watching out for dangerous weather conditions, paying attention to the actions of other climbers, and using proper climbing techniques.

  7. Don’t climb or hike alone if you can avoid it because doing so will leave you more vulnerable to injury or death.

  8. If you plan on climbing or hiking multiple high peaks in a short period of time, make sure that you allow your body enough time to recover between climbs.

  9. Take the time to enjoy the beauty of the mountain scenery and relax while on rest days during your climb or hike.

  10. Be prepared for disappointment if you do not reach the summit. You will have to turn back due to dangerous weather conditions or because you are not physically fit enough to continue. Don’t let this discourage you from attempting future climbs or hikes.

These tips will help you have a safe and successful climb or hike of a high peak. Remember always to be prepared for the unexpected and take things one step at a time. For beginner hikers, check out this guide.

Enjoy the journey, and don’t focus too much on the summit. The views along the way are definitely worth the effort.