Are Converse Shoes Good For Hiking?

wearing converse shoes on hikes

Are Converse shoes good for hiking? Let’s assume we’re talking about the classic canvas Chucks, the most popular model in the brand’s lineup.

Converse shoes can be worn for hiking, but it’s not the best option for traction and support when on a trail.

With that said, I’ve seen experienced hikers in Vibrams.

But that comes with added risks for injury.

I’ve had my pair of Converse All-Star Classic for years, and to be honest, I would never wear them for hiking.

Why? It was the reason why I bought them.

I bought them to wear for everyday occasions, the lifestyle things that made them so iconic.

Telling my readers, “yes, you can wear Converse shoes for hiking,” without outlining the risks, is negligent on my part because the number one rule when being outdoors will always be safety first.

You can get away with a pair of Chucks if you’re hiking a short, flat trail on a nice sunny day. In other situations, I highly recommend a good pair of hiking shoes.

Converses were originally designed as basketball shoes, giving players free range of motion to move and pivot in any direction on the court quickly.

They quickly became an iconic fashion statement and are now worn by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Converse offers various styles, from the classic Chuck Taylor All-Star to modern designs with unique features such as waterproofing, extra cushioning, and more traction.

Before you lace up those Chucks, there are some important factors to consider when deciding if Converse shoes are right for hiking.

I’ll cover all these topics in this blog post so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not they’re suitable footwear for your next hike.

Overview of Converse Shoes

Converse was founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse, who wanted to create a shoe specifically designed for basketball players.

The company quickly gained popularity among athletes due to its comfortable fit and durable construction.

Over time, the brand has become synonymous with style and self-expression; it is now one of the most recognizable names in footwear worldwide.

Types of Converse Shoes

Converse offers several different types of shoes that are suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking or camping. These include low-top sneakers like the Chuck Taylor All-Star, high-tops like the Jack Purcell Signature Series, slip-on like the One Star Pro Oxfords, and sandals like the Shoreline Slip-Ons.

Each type provides different levels of comfort, support, traction, water resistance, and breathability, depending on your needs while on the trail.

tread on converse shoe

Drawbacks of Wearing Converse Shoes for Hiking

There are some drawbacks to wearing Converse shoes while hiking, however, including limited arch support compared to other hiking boots, which could lead to soreness if you are not used to wearing them regularly before going out into nature’s elements.


  • Lack of ankle support
  • Not enough traction
  • Material can get wet due to rain
  • Risks of blisters on long hikes
canvas material on high top

Tips for Choosing The Right Shoes For Hiking

When shopping for the right type of shoe for hiking, it’s important to consider your activity level and terrain type.

A sturdier shoe with better traction is recommended if you plan on doing more strenuous activities such as climbing or running.

A lightweight sneaker may be sufficient for lighter activities like walking or day hikes.

It’s also important to choose the right size when selecting your shoes; make sure they fit snugly but comfortably so that you can avoid blisters and other injuries while out on the trail.

Look for features such as waterproofing, breathability, and traction, depending on what kind of environment you will be in.

Waterproofing is especially important if you are often in wet conditions; this will help keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the hike. Breathability is also key since having good ventilation helps prevent overheating during long treks.

Traction should also be considered; look for rubber soles with deep lugs that provide a good grip even on slippery surfaces like mud or snow-covered trails.

Read reviews from other hikers who have used similar shoes before making a purchase decision.

This way, you can get an idea of how well they perform in various conditions before committing to them.


What kind of shoes are good for hiking?

When it comes to hiking, having the right shoes is essential. A good pair of hiking shoes should be lightweight and support your feet and ankles.

Look for a shoe with good traction that can handle various terrains and one with waterproofing features if you plan on doing any wet hikes.

Additionally, look for breathable materials like mesh or Gore-Tex to keep your feet cool and dry during long treks.

Lastly, make sure the fit is comfortable, so you don’t have any blisters or sore spots after a hike.

Can you hike in All-Stars?

No, you cannot hike in All-Stars. All-Star shoes are designed for basketball and other court sports, not outdoor activities like hiking.

They lack the necessary grip and support needed to traverse uneven terrain safely.

Additionally, they do not provide adequate protection from the elements or hazards, such as rocks and roots that may be encountered on a trail.

Was Chuck Taylor a basketball player?

Chuck Taylor

Yes, Chuck Taylor was a basketball player. He played for the Akron Firestones from 1919 to 1921 and then went on to play professionally with the Original Celtics in 1922.

During his career, he developed an iconic shoe style that is still popular today – the Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor.

His name has become synonymous with quality footwear, and his legacy lives on through this iconic brand of shoes.

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