Are Telescopic Fishing Rods Any Good?

Telescoping rods for fishing

You’re going on a family trip out of state and looking to do some fishing while you’re there.

You soon realize that traveling with a one-piece or two-piece rod can be extremely annoying.

That’s where a telescopic rod (also known as a collapsible rod) can come in handy.

But are these fishing rods any good? Is it a gimmick?

Telescopic rods are great for beginner and experienced anglers looking to transport their rod in a suitcase, backpack, duffle bag, etc. They’re a great solution when you’re looking to travel light with limited storage space.

However, they’re not a replacement for the traditional fishing rod, so good luck chasing Bluefin Tuna with them!

Who knows, maybe one day a company will be able to match the strength and performance of a one-piece rod.

Right now, we’re far from that technology.

With that said, telescopic fishing rods have their purpose for many anglers.

Let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages of telescoping rods and the type of anglers that will benefit from this type of fishing gear the most.

Advantages of Telescopic Rods

Telescopic rods have many benefits for many anglers. Here are a few benefits:


One of the best features of a telescopic rod is its ability to collapse into a much smaller size. This is extremely beneficial for anglers looking to travel with their rod or who have limited storage space.

Most brands will have a collapsible height of around 21 – 24 inches. They’re perfect for anglers who travel by bike or motorcycle. Just throw it in your backpack, and you’re ready to go.


Another great advantage of these rods is that they’re very light. This is because most telescopic rods are made of graphite or other lightweight materials.


You can find some decent-quality telescopic rods for around $50-$60 like the ones from KastKing. Of course, some cheaper options aren’t going to perform as well but are still good for beginner anglers.

Easy to Use

These fishing rods are very easy to use, even for beginner anglers. They typically come with an easy-to-use reel that can be spooled with line and are ready to target largemouth bass, trout, and small saltwater species. Threading your fishing line through the guides is very easy when collapsed as well.

Disadvantages of Telescopic Rods

There are also a few disadvantages of telescoping fishing rods that anglers should be aware of:

Not as Durable

One of the biggest drawbacks of these rods is that they’re not as durable as traditional one-piece rods. This is due to the fact that they’re made out of multiple pieces that are connected together.

Because of this, they’re more susceptible to breaking if you put too much pressure on them or if they’re knocked around too much.

Also, be aware that if you extend the sections out too tight, collapsing them back down will be a little difficult.

Not as Sensitive

Another downside of these rods is that they’re less sensitive than traditional one-piece rods. This is because the multiple pieces that make up the rod can create a bit of stiffness, which makes it harder to feel bites.

However, you can still cast those lures for bass and trout without any issues. Not a deal breaker for us by any means.

Not as Powerful

Telescopic rods also aren’t as powerful as one-piece rods.

This is because they’re not made of a solid piece of material, so they don’t have the same strength and power behind them when you’re in need to cast out far or if you’re hooked on to a large game fish.

Types of Anglers That Will Benefit the Most

Traveler by the ocean

Now that we’ve gone over some of the advantages and disadvantages of telescopic fishing rods let’s talk about the type of anglers that will benefit the most from this type of gear.

  • Beginners: Beginner anglers will benefit the most from these rods because they’re very easy to use and affordable. They’re also a great option for beginner anglers looking to travel with their rod since they are compact and lightweight.
  • Anglers That Travel A Lot: If you’re an angler who travels a lot, then a telescopic rod is definitely a good option. This is because they’re easy to pack up and take with you on your travels.
  • Anglers With Limited Storage Space: Anglers with limited storage space will also benefit from these rods since they can be easily stored away when not in use.

Final Thoughts

Telescopic fishing rods have their purpose for many anglers. They’re very easy to use, compact, and lightweight, which makes them a great option for beginner anglers and anglers that travel a lot.

They’re also a good option for anglers that have limited storage space. However, they’re not as durable or powerful as traditional one-piece rods.

There you have it. Telescoping rods are not a gimmick. But they won’t be replacing traditional fishing rods anytime soon.

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