Kayak Fishing Tips For Beginners

kayak fishing tips for beginners

The popularity of kayak fishing has grown over the years. According to the Recreational Fishing and Boating Foundation, kayaks are used in 4.3 percent of all fishing trips.

If you’re a beginner, follow these essential kayak fishing tips to increase your chances of catching fish.

Benefits Of Fishing On A Kayak

One major benefit of kayak fishing is the ability to maneuver through thick weeds in shallow water in areas that traditional bass boats won’t be able to access. Fishing kayaks are also more affordable than boats, but they have their limitations, as we’ll mention below.

Kayak Fishing Tips For Beginners

Plan Your Kayak Trip Beforehand

Experienced kayak anglers will always plan their trip before they hit the water. This includes figuring out where you’ll launch, what type of kayak fishing gear you’ll need and what kind of lures to bring.

Be Prepared For The Weather

No one enjoys getting caught in bad weather while kayak fishing, but it’s important to be prepared for it just in case. Always wear a rain jacket, hat, and gloves when kayaking.

Pack Appropriately

When packing for your kayak trip, remember that less is more. You don’t want to be weighed down by too many items, so pack only the essentials such as food, water, tackle box, and bait.

Have The Right Kayak Fishing Equipment

You’ll need a few essential kayak fishing gear to catch fish from a kayak. This includes a kayak anchor or kayak anchor trolley and a mounted or castable fish finder if you want to be an efficient angler.

Although it might sound basic, here are a few items you should take on your next kayak fishing trip:

  1. Fishing rod: Having multiple kayak fishing rods with you is essential to catching different types of fish.

  2. Paddle: A paddle is used to propel the kayak, so that’s pretty important.

  3. Tacklebox: Pack your tackle box with a variety of lures and hooks just in case one type doesn’t work out for you.

  4. Cooler/Drybag: To store food and drinks while kayaking, bring an insulated cooler or dry bag to keep them cool (or dry).

  5. A kayak fish finder will help you locate where the fish are at all times and how deep they are swimming in the water. The best kayaks have a built-in transducer that gives you a clear picture of the fish below your kayak.

  6. Lures/Bait: It’s best to bring some lures that imitate baitfish. Live bait can also be successful when kayak fishing for bass and walleye.

  7. Rod holder: Kayak rod holders are a great piece of kayak fishing gear to keep your rods organized and within reach while you’re fishing.

  8. Anchor: It’s important to have a kayak anchor in case you want to stop and fish without drifting away from your spot. Just drop your anchor line in the water.

  9. Fish Landing Net: A net is an essential kayak fishing accessory that you need to land your catch safely without hurting it or yourself. The best kayaks have a built-in transducer that gives you a clear picture of the fish below your kayak.

  10. Kayak/Canoe Paddle: A paddle is used to propel the kayak; you can optionally get a paddle leash to prevent losing the paddle overboard.

  11. Binoculars: A great set of binoculars are great for sight fishing and can also come in handy when bird watching.

  12. Sunglasses: Expert kayak anglers will always have a good pair of sunglasses to reduce glare and protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

  13. Always, always remember to be safe fishing on a kayak by following these kayak safety tips.

Is Fishing From A Kayak Difficult?

Fishing from a kayak is not as difficult as it may first appear. Many anglers are now making the switch to kayaks for several reasons. For one, they offer an affordable and more versatile way to fish.

They also take you closer to your prey than ever before and give you all the comforts that a traditional boat cannot provide. Though there are many advantages to this type of fishing, some disadvantages include safety concerns and limited space in which they can be used.

One major concern about fishing kayaks is that they can be dangerous. After all, kayaks are designed with little more than a seat and some paddles in mind, so there isn’t a whole lot of room for you to move around or perform other tasks while navigating through the water at high speeds (which means less time spent catching fish).

Another reason kayaking may not seem like such an easy task is that there isn’t enough space inside your vessel for everything required during fishing trips, including gear storage boxes, bait buckets, etc.

How Do I Get Better At Kayak Fishing?

To become a good kayak fisherman, you need to fish more often. If you’re new to kayaking, there are a few things that can help you get better at kayak fishing:

Practice casting your reel in an open area before going out on the water, so it’s easier for you when it comes to doing this while kayaking.

Kayak Models and Features

Most kayak models for fishing will have all you need to get out on the water. Some kayaks will cost more than others for additional features that you might consider as you gain experience. For those on a budget, you can start looking into fishing kayaks under $1,000, which will be more than enough to fulfill your needs.

Final Thoughts

Follow these kayak fishing tips, and you’re well on your way to success. Remember that kayak fishing isn’t just about catching fish; it’s an experience in itself, so make sure to enjoy every minute of it. Don’t forget to check your state’s fishing regulations; find out what age requires a fishing license. So get out there on the water and have fun while you’re at it.

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