The Best Camping Shovels You Can’t Go Wrong With

Gerber Camping Shovel

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There are several camping shovels on the market today that will suit your needs. It is essential to have one in your offroad vehicle or backpack before heading out for those hard-to-reach hiking trails and campsites. Depending on what type of activity you do, there are certain features to consider when buying a camping shovel, so it best suits the task at hand.

The post goes into detail about different models and why they’re great options for campers who want to keep their gear light but still be able to dig holes, build fires, collect water or create some flat ground for setting up tents or hammocks.

Let’s get to it.

What Are The Best Camping Shovels?

Garden Bloom Mini D Handle Shovel

Garden Bloom Mini D Handle Shovel

Don’t let the name fool you, the Garden Bloom mini shovel is a durable shovel for all your camping or off-roading needs. Hit rocks and hard dirt with the tempered heat-treated steel head without worrying of damaging it.


  • Tempered heat-treated steel head, this bad boy will last many years
  • Sharpened edges helps break up dirt with ease
  • Just over 26″ in length, doesn’t take much space


If you’re looking for a small, strong shovel to take with you on your trips you can’t go wrong with this mini shovel.

Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade

Gerber Camping Shovel

Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade

The Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade is one of the best camping shovels on the market. This folding spade packs down small for easy transport but will still help you dig into dirt and sand with ease when camping or any other activity involving digging.

It takes up little space in your pack due to its foldable design, which allows users to carry around less weight without sacrificing performance at all. When open on both sides, it measures approximately 23.75 inches long and 9.25 inches when closed. It weighs about 2 lbs. 5.3 oz.


  • This folding shovel packs down small and is easy to transport
  • Weighs only 2 pounds, making it the perfect folding shovel companion


The Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade can be used nearly anywhere camping, hunting, fishing, or even for general outdoor use like camping out on the beach this summer with your friends; this folding shovel will fit into any application you may need during these activities.

Adventure Ready Brands SOL Packable Field Shovel

SOL Packable Field Shovel

The Adventure Ready Brands SOL Packable Field Shovel is lightweight, and the durable carbon steel design makes digging easy without weighing down on your camping trip. The serrated edge feature on one side of the blade is like having two tools in one. The orange tightener may be screwed/unscrewed into a locked open position, allowing it to easily fit into the included carrying bag when not in use. The large handle makes camping chores easier and less laborious on your hands.


  • Durable steel folding shovel head
  • Serrated edge feature for versatility
  • Carbon steel shovel blade


The Adventure Ready Brands SOL Packable Field Shovel is an outdoor necessity and can be used for digging or sawing. Its lightweight and durable design make it the perfect outdoor companion that will last you years with proper care. And since this shovel folds up into its own carrying bag, there won’t be any more excuses not to bring your camping gear on trips.

What Are Camping Shovels?

A shovel can make a big difference when camping, and it is something you should look to invest in if you enjoy camping. It allows for digging, clearing away debris as well as chopping items such as wood. Before looking into certain camping shovels’ features, read on how to find the right one for your needs first.

What To Look For In A Camping Shovel

Size and Weight

A camping shovel can be heavy, so you must find one which isn’t too heavy. If it’s too large, transporting it will become difficult and digging straight down with it. While a small shovel may not have enough reach or strength to dig deep holes easily. Find out what size works best for you before buying. So if possible, try looking at reviews from those who have used the folding shovels extensively before purchasing them just in case there are any issues with how they work on certain surfaces, etc. 

Handle Material

The handle of the shovel must be sturdy and durable but also lightweight enough for easy transportation. The shovel will be used for digging and chopping, so it is essential that the handle doesn’t break under pressure, especially when you’re scooping up heavy items such as dirt or rocks.

Blade Material

  • Stainless steel is durable and affordable material that makes up the majority of camping shovels. The best part about it? It won’t rust, meaning you don’t need to worry when your utensil goes into wetter environments like lakes or rivers. However, this means there’s less demand on its edge strength-wise compared with higher carbon steel varieties.
  • The benefits of high carbon steel are two-fold for shovels. First, it helps to keep the edge sharp and ready all day long which means that when you do need a good slice through something like tree roots or other debris while digging. Secondly, because these blades retain their strength over time even if someone puts them down on one side (like if they accidentally hit themselves) without damaging sensitive areas where there would otherwise be wear marks from normal use.
  • Aluminum is a great material for camping tools because it’s lightweight and affordable. However, the downside to aluminum blades is that they bend easily making them less optimal in some situations than steel ones might be on more rugged tasks like digging through the hard ground or breaking up ice.

Other Features

A good shovel can have a few extra features which might come in handy depending on how you want to use your shovels. Some shovels are collapsible while others are folding types of outdoor tools – this means they collapse down into two separate pieces making them easier to carry around with less weight being put onto the handle itself. Also, some may include saw teeth along the edge with serrated edges for cutting through roots, etc. These can also double up as an ax-type tool if necessary. However, not all shovels have these extra features, so make sure to double-check this before making your purchase.

Make Sure To Get The Right Camping Shovel For You

Depending on what you want out of a camping shovel, you must carefully read up on each one as not every camping tool will fit the exact needs. Some camping tools are designed with a pointed tip at the end, which can help when digging down into harder ground surfaces, while curved edges work best for scooping items such as muck or dirt from the surface. Make sure you know how deep your chosen shovel should dig, then find one which is durable, lightweight, yet strong enough to handle the camping tasks you want it to do.

What Are Camping Shovels Used For?

  • Dig trenches to direct water
  • High ground camping
  • Remove snow or ice from the tent floor before setting up camp for precipitation protection
  • Dig camping latrines
  • Bury human waste for later removal by park rangers.


A shovel is an important outdoor tool for any hiker or camper. These tools can be used to dig trenches, clear debris, and chop wood. Campers should think about their needs before purchasing a shovel because not all shovels will work the same way depending on what they intend to use them for. It is also important that campers look into features of a folding shovel that allow them to collapse down in two pieces, making transportation easier with less weight put onto the handle itself and some models having saw teeth along the edge with serrated edges for cutting through roots, etc. If you’re looking at buying your first camping shovel, now’s the time!

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