7 Best Camping Mattresses for Couples [2023]

Are you trying to find the perfect mattress for camping for two?

When it comes to camping, one of the main concerns is always how you’re going to sleep. Will you be able to get a good night’s sleep on the hard ground? A camping mattress can help make sleeping outdoors much more comfortable.

There are a number of different mattresses designed specifically for camping. We’ll outline which one is the best for you and your significant other.

Let’s dive in.

Best Camping Mattresses For Couples

Exped Mega Mat Duo


The Exped Mega Mat Duo 10 is a two-person sleeping mat that’s large enough to cover the ground of most two-person tents. The Exped Mega Mat Duo is thick and insulated, which keeps couples warm. 

This self-inflating sleeping pad deflates small enough that it’s easy to pack away. The Exped Mega air mattress is easy to store and transport for car campers.


  • The camping mattress has an R-value of 8.1; plenty of insulation to protect couples from the cold ground.
  • Internal polyurethane foam is lightweight and highly insulating
  • The air mattress comes with a mini pump and repair kit complete with adhesive and patches.
  • A large deflation valve lets out air quickly.
  • The laminated polyester surface is resistant to damage, airtight, and slip-proof to keep you from falling off the mattress.
  • A flat, level sleeping surface helps provide a good night’s sleep


The Exped Mega Mat Duo camping sleeping pad is pricier than the others. There are two sizes to choose from: the “Medium Double,” which is $329.95, and the “Long Wide Double,” which costs $379.95. 

Bottom Line

Exped’s Mega Mat Duo 10 is one of the best camping mattresses for couples you could buy for winter camping. The inflatable mattress is ideal for people who enjoy camping in cold and snowy environments. 

This couples air mattress’s high-quality construction and insulating foam guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep and plenty of protection from the cold.

Alps Mountaineering Nimble Insulated Sleeping Pad – Double


The Nimble Insulated Sleeping Pad is among the more affordable camping mattresses listed. This prime double sleeping pad is insulated and designed to keep you and your partner from sliding off the bed.


  • The camping bed has an R-value of 3.9, making it ideal for cool weather.
  • TechLoft Silver insulation has an antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacterial growth.
  • It comes with a carry bag that doubles as an air pump
  • A contoured sleeping surface prevents sliding off the bed during sleep
  • The mattress has thick 40-denier, damage-resistant nylon fabric 
  • The air bed has a 6 x 16-inch size when packed away


The Mountaineering Nimble Insulated Sleeping Pad costs $134.73. The Nimble Insulated Sleeping Pad is the cheapest option we have listed. 

Bottom Line

People who like car camping will enjoy how quickly and easily the Nimble Insulated Sleeping Pad can pack away. The insulation isn’t overly thick and is perfect for camping during moderately cool spring weather. 

KingCamp Luxury 3D Double Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Bed


KingCamp’s Double Self-Inflating Camping Bed is a camping mattress that comfortably fits inside a two-person tent. The sleeping pad comes in three colors; black, green, and gray. 

The Double Self-Inflating Camping Bed comes in two insulation variations, 9.5 and 11. Both will keep you safely warm off the cold ground during winter nights. 


  • The air mattress has two Boston inflatable air values that allow for quick inflation and deflation.
  • Thick, internal rebound foam provides plenty of warmth and soft padding from the hard ground.
  • KingCamp’s self-inflating air mattress has a waterproof exterior
  • TPU coating is environmentally friendly, quiet, and odor-free
  • Included patch kit in case of punctures or leaks


Amazon pricing differs by the air mattress insulation quality. The black 11 R-value camping bed is $239.99. The black, green, and gray 9.5 R-value beds cost $159.99. 

Bottom Line

The Luxury 3D Double Self-Inflating Camping Sleeping Bed is fantastic for four-season camping. Couples looking to explore the wilderness during the rainy or winter seasons. 

The supportive 3D construction makes CampKing’s camping air mattress a good guest bed. Instead of spending money on a pull-out couch, your guests can use this durable mattress.  

Klymit Double V Sleeping Pad


The Klymit Double V Sleeping Pad is a rugged, four-season camping mattress for couples. The bed quickly inflates thanks to the carry bag tuned air pump.

The Double V Sleeping Pad is also lightweight compared to other air mattresses at 40.5 ounces.

Klymit’s insulation separates the bottom and top half of the camping mattress. Cold air is kept to the bottom of the bed while warm air stays near the top. 


  • Side rails help keep couples centered on the matters for a comfortable night’s sleep
  • 75D polyester is durable and rugged to minimize potential damage 
  • 75D polyester is lightweight and makes transport and set up easy
  • The weld patterning helps capture and retain warmth for better sleep
  • Body mapping “V-shaped” design contours to the body


The Klymit Double V Sleeping Pad is priced moderately like most of the mattresses we’ve listed. Amazon’s prices range from $152.15 to $159.95, depending on the seller. 

Bottom Line

Couples that travel to more rugged areas may be interested in the Double V Sleeping Pad. The polyester exterior is strong and durable.

Even when inflated, the bed is lightweight, making setting up camp easy and quick. The camping pad fits easily in your sleeping space, and you can use it throughout the entire year. 

REI Co-Op Kingdom Insulated Air Bed – Queen


Manufactures made the Kingdom Insulated Air Bed with your comfort in mind. The air bed’s surface is soft, quiet, and feels good against the skin. REI’s Kingdom Insulated Air Bed can withstand puncturing and air leaks.


  • The mattress has a 2.6 R-value with insulation to keep warm during cool weather.
  • Kingdom Air Bed has a one-way inflation valve and a deflation valve 
  • The sleeping surface is soft and gentle against the skin
  • Includes storage carrying bag
  • The six-inch thick pad keeps campers off the ground


REI’s Kingdom Insulated Air Bed is a queen-sized bed comparatively priced to the Klymit Insulation Pad and the KingCamp Luxury 3D bed. You can purchase one of these beds for $149.00

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a quality, easily deflated air mattress at a bargain price, you should consider the Kingdom Insulated Air Bed. The surface is designed to help you and your significant other get a restful sleep. 

The Insulated air bed is a great camping mattress for people that like camping in somewhat cooler weather. 

NEMO Roamer Sleeping Pad – Double


NEMO’s Roamer Sleeping Pad is almost like having your home mattress with you on your camping trip. The double-sized mattress fits inside your car or tent and keeps you comfortable and warm during cold winter nights. 


  • Flow Core ™ technology enables rapid self-inflation and deflation
  • An R-value of 6 allows the mattress to withstand the cold
  • The top half is soft, stretchy 50-denier fabric, the underside is thick 70-denier polyester to protect from abrasive surfaces
  • It has an oversized storage bag complete with Vortex™ pump sack for extra inflation
  • It comes with a repair kit in case of leaks
  • Environmentally-friendly camping mattress consists of recycled materials 


NEMO’s Roamer Sleeping Pad costs $399.95. The inflatable sleeping pad’s high quality means it is the most expensive option. 

Bottom Line

If you’re willing to spend the money, the Roamer Sleeping Pad is an excellent investment. This mattress is for you if you want to come without feeling like you’re roughing it. 

Cold weather campers will appreciate the insulation. The Sleeping Pad inflates and deflates relatively quickly if you’re impatient and don’t like waiting. 

ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed


You can sleep in comfort among the stars with the ALPS Mountaineering Velocity Air Bed. The internal coil construction allows the (queen-sized) bed to support 500 pounds.


  • Internal coil construction offers plenty of support
  • It is helpful as an outdoor or indoor guest bed
  • Twin size supports up to 250 pounds; queen up to 500 pounds
  • It comes with a rechargeable electric pump for speedy inflation and deflation
  • It comes with a carry bag


The ALPS Velocity Air Bed has two different prices. The twin size is $104.99, and the queen size air bed has a $135.99 price tag.


The best thing about the Velocity Air Bed is the coil construction. Couples sleeping on this air bed will have plenty of back support. 

It’s nice that the air bed is well-constructed enough to serve as an indoor mattress. Guests can camp out in the living room on the Velocity Air Bed if you’re short on space. 

What Are Camping Mattresses For Couples?

The best camping mattresses for couples are beds that can comfortably fit two people. Typically, outdoorsy-type romantic partners purchase these camping mattresses to spend time with each other in the wilderness. 

All camping beds aren’t inflatable, though. There are camping cots, foam pads, and, of course, sleeping bags.

What’s the Best Thing to Sleep on While Camping?

We’d like to establish that it’s entirely up to you what you find comfortable to sleep on while camping. You’ll have to compromise with your partner, but generally, no two people sleep precisely the same. 

You can opt for more comfortable camping mattresses in the range of $20 to $70 or spend over $300 for a prime double sleeping pad. Comfort and cost don’t necessarily correlate. 

You can expect more features with expensive mattresses, though. Extra insulation (or high R-value), lightweight and compact, or extra legroom are features you’ll likely spend at least $100 to see in a camping pad.

What Kinds of Camping Mattresses Are There?

Camping Mattresses come in four different classifications: air mattresses, self-inflating mats, cots, and foam pads or closed-foam mats. Each type of bed has its pros and cons. We’ll discuss each type of bedding below. 

Air Mattresses

Air mattresses are mostly made of air instead of foam. A deflated air mattress can roll pretty thin, so they’re relatively easy to pack and carry. 

The SoundAsleep Air Mattress is an excellent example of a quality air mattress for couples. It’s thick and high off the ground, which helps it mimic the feel of your bed at home. 

Many air mattresses have “I-beam air coils,” or vinyl loops attached to the top and bottom of the bed. SoundAsleep’s version of coil construction is called “ComfortCoil. 

Some air mattresses are designed to inflate by mouth, while others come with pumps. The kind of pump you get depends on the manufacturer. Some have battery-operated pumps, and some are rechargeable.

REI, SoundAsleep, Klymit, and Exbed International are well-known brands for their camping air mattresses.

Self Inflating Mats

Self-Inflating mats are similar to air mattresses because they rely on air to enhance sleeper comfort. The significant difference is that they have foam-filled insides. 

There are two valves for inflation and deflation. The dual valve system makes setup quick and easy for campers.

They aren’t thick like their air bed counterparts, though. Air helps plump the mattress, but they remain relatively low on the ground.

You should never use an electric pump to inflate one of these mattresses because the overabundance of air could damage it. Most air mattresses like this are heavy and hard to transport. 

Exped International, REI, ALPS Mountaineering, and Coleman are popular among campers for their self-inflating mats.


Camping cots are a standout choice among camping bedding because they come with “bed frames.” The poles and stands keep your body off the cold or wet ground. 

Air mattresses do the same, but their undersides may be susceptible to damage over time. The Coleman Camping Cot is one of the best camping mattresses for couples you could buy. 

Technically, the Coleman Camping Cot is an air mattress on top of a cot stand, but that just means it offers the best of both types of bedding. 

You can get the Camping Cot in a twin or queen size, and both sizes come with a sewn-in cover to help keep the mattress on the cot frame. 

You also get a built-in table for food, drinks, and other items. The bed can support up to 600 pounds and comes with a battery-operated pump. 

Generally, a cot’s sleeping materials are detachable and can fold away for easy transport. You may have to bring extra blankets and fabric if you want a more comfortable sleeping surface.

KingCamp, Byer of Maine, and Teton Sports are popular cot brands.

Foam Pads or Closed-Foam Mats

Foam pads or closed-foam mats are the opposite of air mattresses. Sleeping pads made of foam don’t require inflating. You have to roll the mat out and let it fluff up. 

Closed-foam mats are the thinnest sleeping camping gear. You may not find them too comfortable because they’re not as cushioned and lay closer to the ground. 

Thin sleeping pads do have an advantage over other sleeping gear, though. They’re the easiest to set up and pack away. Therm-A-Rest, NEMO, ALPS Mountaineering, and REI make good foam pads for couples camping.

How Thick Should A Camping Mattress Be? 

One of the greatest factors in how comfortable a camping mattress for couples might be is the thickness. We’ve just talked about closed-foam mats and how thin they are. Most of them are about an inch thick or less.

Less expensive foam mats are often not a step up from sleeping on the tent floor. Air and self-inflating pads have a more comprehensive range of thicknesses campers can select. 

A camper can pick between two classes of thickness: backpacking and car camping. Backpacking means that you’ll have more walking to do across potentially harsh terrain. These sleeping pads will need to be light for travel.

Car camping is when the campsite is within driving distance. Car campers sometimes set up bedding inside their vehicles. These sleeping pads can have varied thicknesses because you’re transporting them by car.

Backpacking Sleeping Pad Thickness

Backpacking mattresses are often thin and easy to carry. There are four thicknesses you’ll likely find for backpacking sleeping mats:

  • Less than an inch: This includes most foam pads
  • An inch thick: Many self-inflating beds are an inch thick. Good for stability, not well-suited for side sleepers
  • 2.5 inches: Modern air mattresses and air pads fall here and are considered comfortable by many
  • Three inches: Most air pads are this thick and are comfortable if well-built. 

Car Camping Sleeping Pad Thickness

You can use backpacking mattresses for car camping if you want. But if you’re not intending on walking very far into the wilderness, you may as well opt for a thicker, more comfortable camping bed.

There are three typical thicknesses for camping sleeping beds: 

  • 1.75 to 2 inches: Cheap, and they raise you relatively high off the tent floor. They also offer plenty of stability
  • 2.5 to 3.5 inches: Raises campers very high off the ground but are difficult to pack and carry if you’re not car camping
  • Four inches or more: These are expensive and heavy. Four-inch mattresses are considered the deluxe models of camping beds. 

So Are Camping Mattresses Comfortable? 

Many camping beds don’t offer much in the way of cushioning. Part of the problem may be how used you are to sleeping on a camping bed. Side sleepers tend to have sore hips on thin camping mattresses or foam pads.

Adults prefer sleeping on inflatable air mattresses or camp cots. The older you are, the more lumbar support you’ll need. Thinner foam pads and sleeping bags may not support the spine as well. 

Children on the camping trip may tolerate foam pads and smaller mattresses better. Younger kids can probably make do with yoga mats or folded blankets in warmer weather. 

How Do Couples Sleep In A Tent? 

If you want to go camping, you should be willing to spend money on quality outdoor gear regardless of who’s going with you. It’s easy to buy a cheap dual sleeping bag and say you’re ready to camp. 

The truth is, there’s much to consider. You have to consider your sleeping system and what couples camping mattress works best for you. 

Sleeping Systems, Tent Sizes, and Packing

First, let’s talk about your sleeping system or how you’ll sleep inside your tent. You are probably already aware if you and your partner can fit in your vehicle comfortably, so we’ll focus on tent sizes. 

Tent sizes don’t precisely match what’s on the label. A two-person tent will fit two people, but it might be a tight squeeze. You also have to consider what you’re taking along with you. Remember, you’re also packing the mattress.

It’s never a good idea to pack more camping gear than you need or can carry. 

How to Choose A Camping Mattress for Couples

The best way to pick a camping mattress is to consider what camping style you’re doing and what the two of you find comfortable. The Coleman Cot we mentioned earlier is a good fit if you’re going car camping. 

It’s about nine pounds, so you’re not going backpacking, but the coil construction and height make it a comfortable camping mattress. Backpackers will want something more portable, though. 

Perhaps a two-and-a-half-inch air bed will do the job for some backpacking couples. You can take a mini pump for additional air.

Mini pumps are small and portable, so they’re no hassle for backpackers. You can purchase rechargeable and battery-powered air pumps. 

Trying to Pick the Best Camping Mattress?

We’ve given you a lot to consider when choosing the best camping mattress for couples. Think about the mattress thickness and what kind of camping you’re doing. 

The most important thing to remember is that your mattress is comfortable for you and your partner.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to camping mattresses for couples, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. The most important factor is finding something comfortable that fits your needs. Whether you decide on an air bed or coil construction mattress, make sure to try it out before hitting the road. With a little bit of research, you and your partner can find the perfect camping mattress in no time.

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