How To Catch Big Bass In The Summer

Learn how to catch big bass in the summer.
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Summertime is the perfect time to catch big bass, the weather is warm, and the fish are biting.

We will discuss some of our favorite techniques for summer bass fishing that many anglers are using to catch trophy bass. We will cover everything from finding good fishing spots to how to use the right bait and the best bass lures to use.

Let’s get started.

Where Do Big Bass Go In Summer?

Depending on the season, fish migrate to certain parts of the lake or pond. In the extreme heat of summer, bass will move to the deeper, cooler water.

This is why it’s important to fish at different depths during the summer months. As they move into these deeper areas, you’ll want to target bass in the 12-18 foot range.

You can also find bass in shallow water when they’re looking for food in the summer. Shallow water bass fishing is a great way to catch big fish in the summertime.

Are Bass More Active In The Summer?

Yes, as the temperature rises, so does the metabolism of bass. This means they are more active and more likely to strike at bait or lure. Therefore, they are constantly looking to feed to maintain their energy levels.

Bass are most active at night during the summer months because it is cooler, and they are looking for food. As the sun goes down, the bass becomes more aggressive in pursuing a meal.

Catching Summertime Bass

One of the best ways to catch big bass in the summertime is by targeting shallow water when they are foraging for food. Bass will move into these areas to escape the heat, where you can often find them lying in an ambush near cover.

Try fishing around docks, fallen trees, or any other type of structure that provides shade and concealment for bass.

Another good tactic is to use topwater lures early in the morning and late in the evening when the sun isn’t as intense. These lures create a lot of commotion on the surface, which draws bass out from hiding and into striking range.

When selecting lures for bass fishing in the summer, there are several factors you need to consider.

First, how deep is the water?

The depth of the water will play a big role in how you should fish it. If it’s too shallow for your lure to reach, then all you’ll end up doing is snagging on weeds, rocks, or debris at the bottom. In this case, try using smaller lures that can sink deeper into these areas without getting caught up as easily as larger ones would do so. Or go weedless via texas-rigged worm or a weedless Tokyo rig.

If there isn’t much structure around but still enough room to cast out, then use surface lures such as poppers and crankbaits, which create more noise when they hit against objects underwater, making them easier targets for bass looking for. An easy meal!

Lastly, consider what type of fishing conditions are present before choosing how deep or light your lure should be. For example, if there’s a lot of wind, you may need something heavier than usual because it will have more drag when moving through the water, while lighter lures won’t work as well in this weather condition.

The best bass baits and lures for summertime include topwater poppers like Rapala Skitter Pop or Spinnerbaits such as Strike King Thunder Cricket which both offer great action on sunny days when fishing near cover where fish tend to hide out during hotter temperatures outside their normal habitat zone so they can cool off before going back into deeper water later at night time (when things settle down).

Night Fishing Tips To Catch Bass In The Summertime

The summertime is one of the best times for night fishing. The summer days are hot and scorching, but once nightfall hits, you can enjoy some nice cool evening breezes while catching bass at your local lake or river. Many people will go out in the early morning hours to catch bass before sunrise during summertime.

Still, I find that trophies are more likely caught during the summer months when fishing late into the evening, just as it’s getting dark outside until after sunset.

We’ll be talking about how to use lures and baits to catch aggressive summertime bass during their feeding frenzy each night at dusk.

There are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration when fishing for bass at night during summertime. The first is that the fish will be feeding more aggressively due to the hot weather, so you’ll need to use lures that imitate baitfish that are either injured or struggling.

Second, it can be harder to see your lure in the water because of the lower light levels, so using brighter colors can help make it stand out more. And finally, since there’s less boat traffic on the lake at night, you’ll want to use quieter baits and lures such as plastic worms or jigs instead of noisy topwater plugs.

Now let’s get into some specific tips for catching summertime bass at night. One of my favorite summer lures for night fishing is spinnerbait. I like to use one with bright colors that flash in the light and have a lot of vibration when it’s retrieved.

Another great lure for bass at night is a plastic worm, especially one that’s rigged wacky style. Using a finesse worm on a drop shot rig is highly effective as well.

And finally, don’t forget about using live bait such as minnows or crayfish; these will always work well when targeting summertime bass during the evening hours.

So get out on the water this summer during those hot days and enjoy some cool night fishing action while catching some big trophy bass! And be sure to use the tips in this blog post to help you maximize your success rate.

Rigs Most Anglers Use To Catch Bass

One of the most popular rigs used to catch bass is the Texas Rig. This versatile rig can be used in many different fishing situations. To rig a Texas Rig, you’ll need:

  • a soft plastic bait
  • bullet weight
  • screw-in sinker
  • bobber stop (optional) 

The general setup is to thread the bullet weight onto your line and then put the desired amount of sinker below the weight. Next, tie on your soft plastic bait and make sure it’s weedless by using a wire guard or some other method. Finally, attach a bobber stop about 18 inches above the bait if you’re targeting suspended fish. If the bass is biting near the bottom, remove the stop completely. Make sure you learn a few proper fishing knots beforehand.

Final Thoughts

Bass are more aggressive during the summertime, so using lures that imitate baitfish that are either injured or struggling can be successful. Bright colors can also help make your lure stand out more in low light levels. Quieter baits and lures such as plastic worms or jigs can also be successful when night fishing for bass during the summertime. Other fishing gear will come into play in the overall success of catching large bass such as UV sunglasses and proper fishing shoes. We hope this guide will help you catch more bass during the dog days of summer.

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