Granite Peak – Montana’s Highest Peak

Granite peak is a mountain in Montana that is known for being the highest peak in the state.

The mountain is made mostly of granite, which gives it its name. Granite peak is located in the Beartooth Range and is northeast of Yellowstone National Park.

Climbing Granite Peak

Granite peak is considered a difficult climb because of the long approach and steep summit. Most climbers take two to three days to complete the ascent.

The rock and weather conditions also make Granite Peak a difficult climb.

This mountain is not for novice climbers and should only be attempted by veteran climbers.

Granite Peak is a beautiful mountain that offers stunning views of the surrounding area, but it is important to be prepared before attempting to climb it.

Granite Peak Elevation

At an elevation of 12,807 feet, Granite Peak is the highest peak in Montana. It is the highest natural point in Montana and one of America’s top ten state high points is a magnificent sight to see.

It lies within Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness which covers over 3 million acres with plenty else going on inside its borders including several major rivers such as Grande Porte Slope River or Beavertown Canyon Creek that run all throughout this area before merging together at their mouth near Avalanche Glacier.

It is an imposing mountain, and its difficulty reflects that. With proper preparation, Granite Peak can be an enjoyable and rewarding climb.

Granite Peak Ski Resort

Granite Peak Ski Resort is a ski resort located in the Granite Peak area of Montana.

The resort is known for its challenging terrain, which makes it a popular destination for skiers and snowboarders looking for a challenge.

The Granite Peak Ski Resort offers a variety of runs for all skill levels, as well as a terrain park for freestyle skiing and snowboarding.

The resort also has a ski school that offers lessons for all ages and abilities.

The best months for snowboarding and skiing at Granite Peak Ski Resort are December through March.

Granite Peak Weather

The weather on Granite Peak can be unpredictable, so it’s important to be prepared for all conditions when climbing or skiing.

The best time to climb Granite Peak is in the summer months when the weather is more stable. However, it’s still important to be prepared for all kinds of weather when climbing or skiing Granite Peak.

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Granite Peak Weather
Rankin Place, US
4:15 pm, April 11, 2024
weather icon 33°F
L: 15° H: 33°
broken clouds
Humidity 61 %
Pressure 1013 mb
Wind 11 mph WSW
Wind Gust: 14 mph
UV Index: 2.35
Precipitation: 0 inch
Elevation (feet)12,807 ft
Elevation (meters)3,904 m
ContinentNorth America
CountryUnited States
Range/RegionAbsaroka Range
Best Months For ClimbingJuly, Aug, Sept
Year First Climbed1923
First Successful Climber(s)Elers Koch, James C. Whitham, and R.T. Ferguson
Nearest Major AirportBillings, Montana
Convenient CenterRed Lodge, Montana

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