Top 3 Best Flashlights for Camping

best flashlight for camping

The best flashlights for camping are ones that will not only produce a strong beam of light but also have features to make your life easier. Some people prefer to go with something small and lightweight, while others need the brightest flashlight possible. We’ll discuss both options in this blog post so you can choose what is right for you.

Let’s dive in.

What Are The Best Flashlights For Camping?

Olight Warrior Mini 2

The Warrior Mini 2 is the brand-new upgraded version of the previous Warrior Mini and one of the most powerful compact camping flashlights on the market. As the successor of Warrior Mini, this flashlight still features a side switch for daily use and a tail switch for tactical operation.

The three-level battery indicator tells you whether it’s time to charge up or continue using your light without interruption. Charge with MCC3 magnetic charger cable for fast charging! Compared to its predecessor, it’s even more secure, way brighter with 270 lumens max output so you can see everything in every situation, packs with new refinements that make this one of our best lights yet.


The Warrior Mini 2 camping features a side switch for daily use and a tail switch for tactical operation, has enhanced user safety with its proximity sensor that drops brightness to protect against any nearby objects while turned on higher modes, is more powerful than the previous version of this camping flashlight with 1,750 lumens max output and 220-meter beam distance (17% brighter and 16% further throw).

The Warrior Mini 2 camping flashlight comes equipped with dual switches, one side switch to select six different modes during daily use (with the included MCC3 magnetic charging cable), and one dual-stage tail switch for tactical operation.

The Warrior Mini 2 camping flashlight is designed for everyday carry with a compact design that features a two-way pocket clip, detachable lanyard clip, and a carabiner-style ring (not for climbing) for multiple carry options.

TheThe strike bezel provides enhanced self-defense capabilities while still satisfying your camping needs with its IPX-rated camping features, and the battery level indicator tells you when it’s time to recharge.

As a camping light, this device still features a side switch for daily use and a tail switch for tactical operation with enhanced user safety to keep you safe when exploring dark environments.

It also comes equipped with dual switches, one side switch to select six different modes during daily use (with the included MCC3 magnetic charging cable), and one dual-stage tail switch for tactical operation.


The Olight Warrior Mini 2 is one of the best camping flashlights on the market, with an upgraded design that makes it even more powerful, secure and bright.

Nitecore New P12

For those who need a reliable, tactical-grade camping flashlight that can make them shine brighter than the midday sun, this is a perfect choice. It is compact and easily portable. Even in dark and difficult conditions, it will never let you down no matter where your mission takes you.


This flashlight is designed to be compact and easy to use in almost any condition. Even in the darkest of conditions, this flashlight will never let you down.

You can easily switch modes, so you are prepared for any situation. With up to 50 days of run-time, this camping flashlight is perfect for when you need it most. The Nitecore New P12 camping flashlight features make it one of the best in its class.

The Nitecore New P12 camping lantern can accept regular 18650 batteries and the new 21700 battery, giving it more power output than ever before with lithium-ion technology.

You also have multiple choices for beam types that are available for your use based on the situation at hand.

Whether you need extended run-time or maximum portability, there is a setting right for every occasion, so no matter what happens, this camping light will not let you down under any circumstances.


The Nitecore New P12 camping light is a perfect choice for your next outdoor adventure. It’s compact and easy to use, even in difficult situations. With up to 50 days of run-time, this flashlight will never let you down no matter where your mission takes you or what obstacles it faces on the journey there.

Fenix PD35 TAC Flashlight

The Fenix PD-35 TAC Flashlight is a powerful and durable LED flashlight fitted with Cree XP-L HI V3 LED. This light offers six output modes, from 1 to 600 lumens, plus strobe for persuading any undesirable element in dark or remote situations to make itself known and therefore manageable.


The Fenix PD-35 TAC Flashlight offers six low- to high output modes, with strobe mode available on the tactical operation and general operating type via its side switch. Operation is simple by pressing the side button of this LED flashlight.

This light features a turbo mode that outputs up to 1000 lumens while it has a maximum beam distance of 200 meters providing clear illumination even during extreme conditions. With an IPX rating of eight, one can rest assured that all parts are sealed tight against water ingress, making them suitable for underwater use.

It also features a memory function to last used brightness level in tactical mode and outdoor mode with regulated output, which maintains constant light output over the lifetime of batteries.

The Fenix PD-35 TAC Flashlight is powered by one 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery or two CR123A primary Lithium batteries that are included upon purchase for convenience when on the go.


With its rugged construction built from an aircraft-grade aluminum body along with a knurled finish, this powerful flashlight can withstand heavy-duty use without being easily damaged due to falls or impacts even under extreme conditions.

The compact size of this flashlight makes it really easy to carry around while providing users with sufficient grip and control regardless of weather conditions such as rain and snow, making it suitable for hunting trips during wintertime.

The Fenix PD-35 TAC Flashlight is the perfect companion for any outdoor activity such as fishing, hunting, or camping trips in tough terrains, making it a popular choice among flashlight enthusiasts and professionals alike.

What Are Camping Flashlights?

When you are planning on camping, taking a flashlight is almost mandatory.

If your trip takes place during the day or at night, this can be essential for safety reasons and help with navigation.

The best camping flashlights should have several features, including: 

Water resistant – This is an important feature if you plan on using it in wet conditions like rainstorms. It’s also helpful when camping near bodies of water such as rivers or lakes since there might be waves that splash up against the shoreline, causing condensation, which will trickle down into the light itself.

If it isn’t waterproof, the damage could occur due to corrosion over time from prolonged exposure to high and low moisture levels within nature’s elements around you.

There are some exceptions where it isn’t possible to make them fully submersible in water without causing serious problems with their inner workings over time due to corrosion if not taken care of immediately afterward.

Batteries – Long battery life is crucial when it comes to camping. There are several types of batteries you might need depending on the type of lighting device you have and where your specific adventure will occur. In most cases, if a flashlight is used in tandem with other portable devices such as lanterns or headlamps, then more than likely, AAA or AA sized batteries will be required for powering them all simultaneously.

If this isn’t possible, some may require a rechargeable battery, while others use disposable alkaline battery packs instead. The biggest reason these options exist is that they can withstand long periods without being recharged. In contrast, lithium-ion cannot make portability a challenge since no one likes carrying around bulky electrical charging equipment during their trips deep into nature’s wild.

For a camping flashlight that can be used in all conditions, you will want one with the option to use batteries or a hand crank for charging abilities if it isn’t already built into the design of the unit itself.

This is important because there may come a time when your only choice is using manual energy instead of stored up electrical power, which must always remain available in case something goes wrong. No other options are possible at the moment without extra planning ahead of time (which should happen before leaving on any trip).

These products often require minimal effort to recharge them since they use tiny turbines within their housing, but this process might not even work well depending on how much strength needs to go into turning its handle to produce power.

Charging time – The amount of energy it takes to charge a camping flashlight entirely varies between models, so pay attention to how much effort is required in its manual recharge abilities since this could become tiring throughout your trip depending on where you are heading and for what reasons.

It’s important to have an adequate source of light that can be used safely at all times without causing any problems with other people or nature if possible when venturing out into unknown territory, especially places that haven’t been explored before by humans who aren’t familiar with their surroundings yet.

If there are multiple units available, they should each take about the same length of time (if not slightly longer) than one another under similar circumstances without becoming significantly faster or slower than the others.

Power output – The amount of light power a camping flashlight puts out varies from one model to another, so this is important when trying to determine which type will work best for your trip since there may be times when more or less illumination would have been better instead. Different situations will require different light modes.

If it’s too dim, then objects in its path might not become visible enough while hiking at night through areas that haven’t been explored before unless extra lighting devices are brought along for peace of mind. There are no other options except using them as an emergency backup plan (which should happen before leaving on an adventure).

These situations can cause problems between people by temporarily blinding each other during nighttime hours if they aren’t careful about how much distance separates them.

Weather-resistant – The best camping flashlights are designed to withstand changing weather conditions so they can still function safely during rainstorms or other bad weather without becoming damaged by water, dust, dirt, or any debris that could cause serious problems if not kept away from its delicate internal components which might break down over time due to excessive exposure.

These products often come with their own cases for extra protection when stored inside a backpack alongside other items that need to be protected. If something unexpected happens along the way and you become stranded somewhere dangerous where no immediate assistance is available nearby.

Durability/Design – Camping flashlights are designed for outdoor use, so they often feature plastic or metal housing, the most common combination found among products available on today’s market. However, it varies between models, of course, since some come with different styles depending on what their overall purpose might be used for.

Camping flashlights must remain functional during any rough treatment because this could easily break down a product that wasn’t built well enough from the start no matter how expensive it was when you first bought it unless quality materials were used instead, at least in certain areas where extra shock-resistant protection against accidental drops or other types of mishandling is required.

Price – The best camping flashlights are usually available at a reasonable price which makes them affordable for most people on any budget so they can be purchased without needing to spend too much money compared to some other camping equipment that might cost more than these items in some cases where it isn’t worth the extra expense unless you think its features will benefit your trip significantly enough to make up for their higher costs versus less expensive alternatives.

The prices of camping flashlights vary depending on the overall design and how many different perks this product has when used by itself or alongside additional compatible accessories like rechargeable batteries, chargers, adapters (to use regular batteries instead), etc. but even inexpensive models should get the job done without any problems as long as its features are appropriate for the types of weather you might face on your trip and provide enough illumination outdoors during nighttime hours.

Recommendations – It’s important to do some research before purchasing a camping flashlight because there are so many different products available right now with their unique designs that it can be difficult to choose just one model even if this isn’t your first time shopping around either online or in-person at stores where these items are sold alongside other useful outdoor gear depending on where you live.

Look through customer reviews from previous buyers who have already bought similar products recently, which will give you an idea about how well they worked once they arrived at home and were used by those people who wrote them afterward. They should be able to explain the pros and cons of each camping flashlight that they purchased in great detail so you can decide whether or not this would be a good product for your needs as well.

There are also videos online where customers have uploaded their own demonstrations showing how these flashlights work once they are set up properly and ready to use right out of the box without needing any assembly before being brought along on a camping trip with friends and family, etc.

It’s important to look over all of this information carefully when deciding what type of camping flashlight is right for you because it will determine whether or not you’ll get enough value from using one regularly during outdoor activities or if there might be better alternatives available instead depending on who else has used them recently and what they had to say about them afterward.

Benefits Of LED Flashlights

LED flashlights for camping are very important because they provide enough light to move around the campsite at night, start a fire, and find items among your things. LED flashlights are also great for reading maps without ruining your night vision. LED flashlights require less battery power than regular ones, so they last longer.

Benefits of A Rechargeable Flashlight

Campers and hikers know how important it is to have reliable lighting when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Often, they rely on disposable batteries for their flashlights because who wants to worry about charging a flashlight during an overnight camping trip? Unfortunately, this often leads to battery shortages which can cause inconvenience and even safety problems.

Fortunately, rechargeable flashlights offer many advantages that make them ideal for most campers and hikers. When you invest in a rechargeable flashlight, you get:

  • Long-lasting illumination without spending money on new batteries.
  • Environmentally-friendly light, so you don’t need to dispose of any more plastic or metal.
  • Greater convenience with no worries about running.

What Are Lumens?

Lumens are a unit of measurement that is used for measuring the strength of a light source. This article will tell you what lumens are and how they work and provide some ways to measure the lumens in a flashlight. The light emitted from a flashlight can be measured in lumens.

Lumen measurements help consumers choose which flashlights to buy based on their needs, such as brightness, power supply type, etc. There are different types of lights with varying measurements of lumen. Some common examples include LED bulbs (which emit between 60-80 lumens) or incandescent bulbs (which emit up to 900 lumens).

Flashlight manufacturers use many terms when it comes down to describing how bright their flashlights are (such as candlepower and beam distance), but what it boils down to is lumens. Lumens tell us how bright a flashlight is, which makes them very important when purchasing flashlights for specific purposes such as doing work or hunting animals at night.

Suppose you want more powerful lights with higher lumen measurements (like Xenon bulbs that emit up to 14,000 lumens). In that case, you’ll have to buy those separately because most standard household flashlights won’t be able to handle the power of these high-powered light sources.

It’s a good idea then to know something about the different lighting technologies available before making your next purchase so that you can get exactly what you need and not waste money on unnecessary features.

Final Thoughts

Campers and hikers know how important it is to have reliable lighting when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Sadly, most standard household flashlights won’t handle the power of these high-powered light sources.

Lumens tell us how bright a flashlight is, which makes them very important when purchasing flashlights for specific purposes such as doing work or hunting animals at night.

Suppose you want more powerful lights with higher lumen measurements (like Xenon bulbs that emit up to 14,000 lumens). In that case, you’ll need to buy those separately because your typical household flashlight will not be able to handle this type of power source.

It’s best then if you plan on using your camping flashlight often enough where durability matters before investing in a rechargeable flashlight so you can get exactly what you need and not waste money on unnecessary features.

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