Mount Lhotse

Lhotse is a mountain in the Himalayas in Nepal. It has a height of 8,516 meters, and it is the fourth-highest mountain in the world. It is connected with Mount Everest by a summit ridge called the South Col. The mountain is sometimes mistakenly identified as part of mount Everest.

The first successful ascent was by Ernst Reiss and Fritz Luchsinger on May 18, 1956. So far, there have been over 300 successful ascents. One problem for climbers is that some parts of Lhotse are within Chinese borders and cannot easily be accessed outside China.

Lhotse has a summit ridge with several points on it. It connects with Mount Everest to its south via the South Col (in Tibet) at about 8,516 meters (27,940 feet) above sea level. There are three main climbing routes on the Nepal side:

  • One goes around under the west face.
  • Another goes up through the.
  • One goes up the south face.

Climbers from many countries have been successful on this mountain, but sadly about eight people died in a blizzard in 1996. Since the first ascent of Lhotse in 1956, some 300 people have completed its climb, and others are attempting it at this time. Although there is some risk to climbing Lhotse, it has not stopped hundreds of people from trying to reach its summit each year.

How Long Does It Take To Climb Lhotse

Lhotse is a serious mountain to climb. It can be a difficult feat to summit a mountain of this size. It would take any person at least two days to climb the mountain. Climbers have to ascend an average of about 5,000 meters- 9,000 meters per day to reach the summit. The ascent from Camp II takes 8 hours for a fit climber and 10 hours for less fit climbers who are carrying gear.

What Is Lhotse Famous For?

Lhotse is most well-known for being the fourth-highest mountain in the world, located right next to Mount Everest, and the South Col. Lhotse connects the two mountains has also been climbed as an alternative route to the summit of Mount Everest.

How Tall Is The Lhotse Face?

The Lhotse Face is a steep, icy wall that must be climbed to reach the top of Everest. It has sharp drops and 40-degree pitches with occasional 80-degree bulges. High altitude climbing Sherpas set fixed ropes up this glacial blue ice while lead climbers use their jumar system for assistance.

How Do You Get To The Top Of The Lhotse Face?

Climbing the face is a difficult and dangerous task, requiring previous experience on steep rock and ice. Two different routes lead to the top: an approach through the Khumbu Icefall and a more direct route starting from Camp IV at South Col (7,900 m). Climbers typically set up their own fixed lines of rope for this ascent.

What Is the Summit of Lhotse Like?

The summit of Lhotse has been described as one of the most beautiful summits in the world. Because it lies next to Mount Everest, climbers can sometimes view both peaks from one point on top of Lhotse. However, there is a strong downdraft from the summit of Mount Everest that often blows climbers off course.

Image source: Wikipedia
Lhotse Weather
Lobujya, NP
12:12 am, June 21, 2024
weather icon 9°F
L: 5° H: 17°
broken clouds
Humidity 91 %
Pressure 1020 mb
Wind 6 mph SW
Wind Gust: 6 mph
UV Index: 0
Precipitation: 0 inch
Elevation (feet)27,940
Elevation (meters)8,516
Range/RegionCentral Nepal Himalaya
DifficultyMajor Mountain Expedition
Best Months For ClimbingApril, May, September, October
Year First Climbed1956
First Successful Climber(s)Ernst Reiss, Fritz Luchsinger, (Swiss team)
Nearest Major AirportKathmandu, Nepal
Convenient CenterNamche Bazar, Nepal

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